Wednesday, 9 July 2014

7 HDB Interior Design Tips

To combat the housing shortage back in the early 60’s, Singapore established the Housing and Development Board to provide low-cost, state-built public housing for the masses. These flats can be found in self-contained satellite towns called housing estates and now house 85% of all Singaporeans. These are built in various quality and finishes and despite being cheaper than privately built homes, provide more than enough comfort, space, and quality to suit any family’s needs. If you are looking to purchase an HDB flat in the near future, then your next step is to decide on the would-be interior design of your space.

Tip #1 Colors Set the Mood

When it comes to making the house your home, it is important to add stuff that will emphasize your individuality. Colors actually make a huge difference when it comes to personalizing your house. The obvious choices are your favorite colors; however, not all colors translate well into wall paint or wallpapers. Choose colors wisely: bright colors make the room feel lighter and warmer yet are prone to dirt. Dark colors are cooler to the eyes and feel a lot heavier but play well in emphasizing light-colored furniture. Colors often tend to set the mood of the entire space so choose accordingly. Rooms where people tend to relax often are well suited for mild, comforting colors, while areas that are used for social gatherings work well with bright, exciting colors.

Tip #2 Furnishing the Furniture

The colors of your wall are not the only things you should be considering; you should also think about the color and make of your furniture. Provide contrasts in color to make the objects pop out or choose objects with similar color palettes so that they blend in well.

Also, when it comes to the interior design of your HBD flat, especially for the living room area, always make sure to create a focal point where the gaze naturally centers on. This could be a coffee table or a sofa in the living room or a four-poster bed in the bedroom. If you want, you can actually choose your focal piece first and build around that. Also, when choosing furniture, always keep in mind the form and function of the appliance. Couches and chairs should easily seat all of the occupants of the house.

Tip #3 Textures Make a Difference

As with the colors, the texture of your chairs and sofas make a huge difference into incorporating your personality. Stylish and chic leather upholstery are not just for cars anymore as leather-clad furniture pieces are becoming more and more popular and emanates a modern, sophisticated look. On the other hand, linen-covered chairs and couches provide a more homely and traditional feel.

Tip #4 Play with Shapes
HDB flats come in all range of shapes and sizes, so it is up to you to maximize and capitalize on that space. Rounded furniture on sharp corner walls gives lots of wasted space. However, this depends entirely on the object as an empty wall edge is perfect for a circular indoor potted plant. Another area where you can play around with shapes is the living room and/or bedroom. Circular throw pillows on a box couch provide a lot of contrast and easily attract the eyes.

Tip #5 Emphasize the Lines

Just like any house, an HBD flat will also have seams in the walls and ceilings. You can cover these up with paints or wall paper. However, to add that extra emphasis and dimension to your living space, you can go for a contrasting color for these lines so as to border the rooms and accentuate the space.

Tip #6 Frame to Accentuate

Much like the room, adding framed pictures can further enhance the interior design of your walls. Empty walls look barren and uninviting; by adding framed portraits or mirrors can provide a focal point on the walls making use of the vertical space. Choosing frames that are of contrasting color to your walls will make it pop out more and attract more attention. Materials come in many forms such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic.

Tip #7 Fabric Choices

Lastly, consider the fabric to be used on the drapes and curtains. Different fabrics not only provide different colors, but different textures as well. Heavy drapes are good for blocking out the sun and keeping you cool. This is especially useful if your window is right in line with the sun.

When it comes to decorating your HBD flat, there are a lot of things to consider. However, as this is essentially the house that you will go home to, making it comfortable and pleasing is certainly a must.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Why Use Our HDB Interior Design Service?


In Singapore, usually people use HDB style of interior design to their homes and offices. The HDB design looks modern for your homes and offices. The HDB interior design can be used for your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hallway. In Singapore, if you visit any large hotel, restaurant, or any big business concern, then you find that many people have designed their rooms with HDB interior design. Many people in Singapore today are renovating their houses or offices with HDB design.

Expensive and quality materials are used for performing HDB interior design such as renderings, virtual board, etc. In Singapore, many companies are established who provide HDB interior design. HDB Design Group is another popular business concern in Singapore that is engaged in HDB interior design. Since, 2010 many HDB interior design companies are established because the HDB design is become very popular in the construction industry. The HDB design is usually designed with materials such as wood grains, sleek, and palette etc. The HDB design is very useful for homes that are large and spacious. In Singapore, usually the people with high income, design large houses and they use HDB design for their homes. In fact, HDB is the required for each and every kind of home and it increases the look of the home. 

The HDB design is used for apartments, condos, row houses, etc. The HDB design is usually used in apartments. In Singapore many people live in apartments and hence they use HDB design. Many types of HDB designs are available such as sleek urban design, rustic style design, contemporary, traditional etc. 

The people of Singapore usually live in flats and they have large living rooms. They design their living room with sleek finishes, wood grains, and pallets for their doors, furniture, and showcases.

The HDB design is useful for any type of architectures such as modern, contemporary, traditional, etc. In Singapore, you can find houses with various types of architectures and hence you can use the HDB design for any type of home. The houses really look fabulous with the HDB design.

For the dining hall, the HDB design really looks fabulous. They design the dining hall with sleek urban design and hence the room looks like an abode. In Singapore, usually the bathrooms are located in the kitchen areas and hence if the HDB design is used, then the room looks spacious. Usually, in the kitchen they insert items such as the mirror, vessel sink, mirror cabinets etc. and the HDB design looks really elegant for such homes. 

You can use the HDB design even for your landed homes. In Singapore, you can find many Varsity Park Continuums and hence you can use HDB for such homes. You can renovate your homes in HDB design and also you need not spend more money. So far, the HDB design is used for landed property renovation, 4 rooms HDB, Road landed properties, tree condominium, park condominium, punggol condominium, etc. As the houses can be renovated with HDB design by less expenditure and hence many people in Singapore, who own the following properties are renovating their homes. 

HDB design has drastically improved the outlook of the homes in Singapore. Many people today even have constructed the Jurong 4 room and Woodland 4 and are planning to construct their homes with HDB design. Today, in Singapore, many people live in 3 or 4 room house and they can use the HDB design. Hence, they can save their expenditure in a drastic way. 
In Singapore, many people have designed their homes in HDB style for their kitchens, living room, dining room, storage and closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. They have used the HDB design for their contemporary style, modern, traditional, eclectic style homes in Singapore. The HDB design has changed the living style of the people of Singapore.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What to Consider When Choosing a Wrought Iron Staircase Design?

Singapore home owners know the value of keeping with current design trends. This is because home buyers in Singapore are very stylish and picky as well. When it comes to choosing a perfect staircase material wrought iron is the best. This is due to the versatile designs that wrought iron avails. However, different home owners value specific designs. It is therefore important that you select a design you will never regret. Below are tips to help you choose the best wrought iron staircase design.

· Know your tastes and preferences
As much as your guests need to feel at home, your interests should come first. If you succeed in choosing a design you love then others will love it as well. A wrought iron staircase for instance depends a lot on your judgment. For instance you will want to get a design that matches the color, space and entire house design. Style is still of utmost importance and that is why interior designers are many in Singapore. If you opt for an ultra-modern staircase ensure it matches your home d├ęcor. 
If you have no idea of what suits your premises, then go online, browse through wrought iron staircase idea and designs. This will give you a glimpse of what wrought iron staircases look like. It is important to have some basic knowledge before you start talking to manufacturers.

· Understand the various designs of wrought iron staircase available
Wrought iron can be molded into numerous shapes and forms. Visit various manufacturers across Singapore and look at what they offer. You may find many designs that match what you love. On the other hand you might get numerous designs but none matches your taste. Do not choose any style because you have no option, wrought iron can be custom made to suit your taste. Also, understand the implications that come with several designs in terms of maintenance and other extra accessories.

· Consider the space you have before selecting a design
Space is a core element of design. Various designs suit different spaces. If you choose a set of staircases that require big space and your space is small, the design will look awful. Spiral wrought iron stair cases are good for indoor stairs. Also if you consider installing the staircase where it will be exposed to water, ensure the iron is well painted.

· Consider the safety of a given design
Safety is important whether you are installing staircases for a home or business premises. If you have kids at home then select simple, low and wide wrought iron staircases. It is very easy for children to fall off very steep and narrow staircases. Also, wrought iron can be polished to look very shiny, slippery and delicate. Ensure you control this as it might endanger the lives of adults as well. This is why wrought iron can be tailor made, so do not settle for anything dangerous. Safety also has to do with where you install the staircase in your home. Choose an area guarded by a well and fix very strong rails, this way an accident cannot be fatal. Singapore has local building codes, follow these before you install the stair cases.

· Look at the cost and match it with the quality of staircase design
Before you ask a manufacturer to install you a staircase consider the costs involved. Designs have different prices based on the complexity or simplicity of the design. Some manufacturers may decide to exploit you if they consider you have no idea of the prevailing rates.
Note that true wrought iron is very expensive and much scarce these days. However, certain techniques have been developed to mold iron to match the beauty and elegance of wrought iron. As such you will come across decorative stainless steel that is labeled as wrought iron. If you are lucky to get pure wrought iron then ensure you are not over charged.
Wrought iron normally has wood like grains due to the heat it undergoes. As such learn to differentiate between cast iron, wrought iron and any other metal. Get at least three quotations from different manufacturers of the same staircase design. Compare the costs and select the best based on the quality of work the manufacturer offers.


Note that wrought iron is easy to paint, rust resilient and most importantly durable. There is therefore no doubt about its suitability for stair rails. By selecting a wrought iron staircase you get a strong, elegant and attractive stairs which bring a sense of luxury to your home. The choice of staircase whether curved, straight or switch back will be determined by the finances and the space set aside for installation. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How Long It Takes To Renovate 3 Room HDB Flat In Singapore

How Long It Takes To Renovate 3 Room HDB Flat In Singapore

Many people are interested to renovate their HDB flats for improving their appearance. There are some renovation companies that are available in Singapore. Therefore, you have a lot of options and choices when you look for the best company for yourself. Some companies may provide the best service for all customers. Many people want to renovate their 3 room HDB units in this country. The renovation for 3 room HDB flat in Singapore may take about 3 - 7 days. However, there are some other factors that may affect the amount of time that you need for doing this renovation. Here are some other factors that you should consider.

a. HDB size

This is the most important thing that may affect the renovation time that you need for your 3 room HDB room. When you have large HDB flat, you may spend more time than the average procedure. It is important for you to call some professional renovation companies. They should be able to help you measure the right size of your unit. They have some reliable workers who know how to measure your property easily. Some companies may offer free service for measuring your apartment or HDB unit in Singapore. Measuring this size is very important to determine the estimated time and cost that is related with this renovation project.

b. Your design

Most people usually want to use specific styles or designs for their HDB units or flats. You can also hire some interior designers to design your unit. If you have complicated design for your unit, you may spend more days on your renovation project. Therefore, you have to tell your favorite renovation company about your design. There are some designs that may require some additional installation procedures. Therefore, most complicated designs usually spend more time than the regular renovation project.

c. Some added accessories

There are some accessories that are available for all HDB owners. You can add some accessories, such as lighting system, decorations, and some other items in your HDB unit. When you have a lot of accessories that you are going to add to your HDB flat, you are going to spend several more days than the regular project. This is another important thing that you have to consider when you are planning to renovate your 3 room unit. Don't forget to consult with your favorite company about some accessories or items for your unit.

d. Skills and knowledge of the workers

This is an important thing that you should consider from a renovation company. A good company usually have professional workers for helping all clients in renovating their units. These workers have proper knowledge and skills to renovate your HDB unit quickly. If you want to get instant result for your project, you have to contact some professional technicians. These workers are ready to help you decorate your own HDB unit very quickly. It is important for you to choose reliable companies that have some training sessions for all workers. Trained workers are able to work on any renovation projects quickly.

e. Experience

When you choose a great company, you have to choose the best one that has a lot of experience. Experienced companies usually have proven techniques and methods for renovating all clients' properties quickly. They have proper expertise and experience in solving any problems during the project on their clients' HDB unit. If you want to renovate your 3 room HDB unit instantly, you may want to consider choosing some experienced companies. They usually have some instant package that can do your project in a few days. It is recommended that you hire a good company that has more than 5 years of experience.

They are some important factors that may affect the overall renovation time. You have to contact some professional companies to compare their services, rates, and time. Make sure that you choose the best company in Singapore. Don't forget to read some customer reviews on the Internet today. These reviews can help you find the right company that can give quick service for all clients. There are some companies that may provide free quote for all clients who want to decorate their 3 room HDB flats. You can take a look at this quote for preparing your budget and required time to do this renovation project.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

5 Reasons To Hire Home Design Specialist

5 Reasons To Hire Home Design Specialist

Most people who have ever done a construction project without hiring professional home designers to help in the project will attest that they performed poorly at it. Building a home is perhaps the greatest financial venture anyone will undertake in their lifetime. Yet, most people do not understand how difficult the processes involved are until they find themselves entangled in a series of requirements and restrictions; building codes, restrictive covenants, design options, contractor choices, zoning ordinances and vendor choices. All this hustle can be avoided by simply getting a professional home designer to do the job for you.

There are a number of benefits you will get from hiring home design specialists to help you in your project. Here are 5 reasons to hire home design specialists:

1. Expertise and innovative design ideas.

Basically, the function of a home designer is to understand your home design needs, offer advice and guidance on suitable plans for your home and come up with a professional design that integrates different design options including your own design views. Home design specialists have years of experience in the field apart from the quality training they undergo to make them the best in the area. Additionally, they have a variety of tools, equipment and other resources that aid them to come up with great and innovative designs for your home. Doing the job for yourself will involve hours of research and potential delays, including limited design ideas.

2. They understand the design language

So much of your project will be communicated in 2D drawings. It will be difficult for you to interpret the plans or sections to be able to implement and turn them into functional space. Home design specialists will eliminate any misinterpretations and confusion that may have arisen to ensure that different building elements are correctly fixed together and all details in the plan are represented in the constructed structure. Additionally, they are able to oversee that no critical features are overlooked. They ensure that the finished structure is balanced in design, pattern, symmetry and even functionality.

3. Plan with future needs in mind

When coming up with a design plan, specialists will recommend designs that cater for future expansion needs. As your family grows, you will find that you need more space for the dining, living room or even an extra room to accommodate new members of the family. Home design specialists will offer timeless storage solutions as well as repurposing space designs that are meant to easily cater for future needs. For instance, your designer may recommend an open family room area or an extended kitchen and dining area, which will enable for using the extra spaces to suit present family needs.

4. Time saving

There are many details to consider when coming up with a home design. Home design specialists can save you a lot of time by doing most of the time consuming design research, conformity and legal requirements issues involved. Skilled home design specialists have a lot of information and technology at their disposal. They can easily interpret different designs and examine whether they can be implemented structurally. They can conform to state codes and easily get the task done. This enables them obtain permits with minimum revisions. Revisions may take up a lot of time and delay the construction. Getting a home design specialist to do the job will ensure that the project conforms to all relevant codes and requirements so that it progresses smoothly. This will save you a great deal of time trying to meet any legal requirements involved in the building process.

5. Maximize your budget

In the long run, Money says it all. Home design specialist will help you get the best home design at a fair price. Obviously, after being in the industry for years, they will have great connections that are sure to save you a lot of money in the project. They may also have budget-friendly partnerships with contractors, construction and material manufacturing companies.

Other professionals working on residential projects will also be available. From construction engineers and painters to interior design specialists, your home designer will most probably have a good network of such contractors who can fit into your budget and personal requirements. This will not only ensure that you have value for your money, but also enhance the overall value of your home.