Thursday, 26 November 2015

7 Tips On Renovation For HDB Resale Flat

Today, HDB flats are very famous especially with most people who are living in Singapore due to their widely varied advantages. The aspect of elegance and beauty in HDB flats depends on their own appearance which depends a lot on the painting and some other décor. Therefore, painting your own HDB flat is the best way of improving its appearance. Also, painting will make it appealing to both you and your visitor. The following are 7 HDB painting tips as far as renovation, HDB resale flat is concern. 

1. Hire a professional.
Though it seems easy to paint your HDB flat yourself, it is significant to consider the fact that painting requires some skills. Also, painting makes use of some current equipment which may be hard for you to find. Hence, for an excellent outcome, it is better to leave this job to the experts. In case you want to know the quality of services and even prices charged by different painters, you can just visit different painters in Singapore to contrast and compare prices charged and quality of their services.

2. Make a detailed budget.
Painting HDB flat will cost you definitely. However, the cost will depend on some factors such as the type of the paint you used, and the value of the services provided as charged by your painter. The size of HDB flat is another factor. This is because size will determine the amount of paint that will be used. Therefore, after getting the best painter, it is always significant to make consultations so that you know the amount of money that you will set aside for the work. This will enable you to manage your own funds in a better way. It will also enable you to make nice decisions as far as the process is concern.

3. Make a detailed timetable.
Despite the fact that painting improves the appearance of your flat, it comes with some harmful effects. Some paint molecules are actually unappealing to your nose. Also, they may be dangerous top your respiratory system. In addition, during the process, there will be regular relocation of furniture and some other assets in the rooms. Hence, you need to schedule the whole process well in order to avoid inconveniencing both yourself and even your painters.

4. Uphold your family`s safety.
Though most of the brands of paints produce paint which may have harmful effects to inhabitants especially when inhaled, certain brands make quality paints which do not produce toxic gases. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the paint that you will use is safe.

5. Incorporate personality in the painting.
Your own HDB flat should actually reflect your tastes and personality. This will make it cozy and homely for you and even your family. Therefore, before you start the work, you should ensure that you have ample supply of your desirable paint. For sure, the paint that you use should be of your preferred color. This will make it appealing. Furthermore, the paint should conform to the color of distinct assets, furniture and general decoration in the room. By doing so, you will boost the appearance of the whole room and complement the decoration perfectly.

6. Ensure that paint is of good quality. 
Though hiring accomplished and competent painter is the best way of making the results of the painting successful, poor quality paint will affect this significantly. Cheap and counterfeit paint does not last as long as the top quality paints. It will also react poorly with some common agents such as cold and heat to crack as time goes by. This will give your flat a pathetic and outdated appearance. It will also fade away with time. Hence, it will lose its shine and finally peel off. Therefore, to guarantee a long lasting and appealing appearance for your own HDB flat, you should use top quality paint brands.

7. Refresh the painting regularly.
Despite the fact that paint work will leave your housing looking smart, it is significant to note that the paint needs to be refreshed always. This will help maintain the nice appearance. Also, it will strengthen the other layers making them durable. Hence, it will serve you for long.

In conclusion, these are the 7 tips on renovation (painting tips) as far as renovation, HDB resale flat is concern. For an attractive and appealing flat, you should ensure that the painting work is done nicely by making use of the above painting ideas and tips. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

How To Choose Curtains And Blinds For Living Room

If you are looking for curtains and blinds for your living room, then you have to put a lot of considerations because your living room provides a summary of your entire house. It is were you will spend the most time with your guests, and so it is only right that you choose the best curtains and blinds, because they bring a whole new dimension to your room. Some of the things you should consider before you start shopping for curtains include:

1. Your theme:
Buy curtains and blinds that will blend in with the whole theme of your house. Put in mind the color of your walls, the color of your furniture, and the general look of the living room. If you choose a vintage theme, you should look for designs and colors that go with it and bring out the true theme you were looking for. If you are going for a contemporary and modern style, you can look at catalogs that provide a range of new designs you can choose from. You can play around with colors: mix and match different colors that blend well, and ensure that the theme is duplicated through to your furniture, rags, flooring and carpets.

2 Light:
Natural light from the sun during the day refreshes your entire house and saves you on lighting bills. You should consider getting sheers that will allow in light into your living room. When choosing blinds for your living room, always consider the amount of sun that will be coming in, and buy one made of material and color that would not be damaged by the sun. If your living room gets a lot of direct sunlight and you choose to go with curtains, try to use colors that are not too bright, because their brightness will fade over time when they are exposed to the sun.

3. Your furniture:
The furniture in your living room will determine the curtains and blinds you buy. First, you should consider getting what coordinates with your furniture, in terms of color and design. The other thing you should consider is the material that you furniture is made of. If you have delicate fabric, then you should get drapes that filter out light and other environmental factors that may affect your furniture. How you arrange your furniture will also determine what to buy. If you put chairs too close to the window, then you may want to consider something slightly long, because a short one will keep blowing to you, and distracting you.

4. Cleaning:
When buying curtains and blinds for your living room, always consider how easy it would be to clean them. For curtains, go for fabric that does not stain easily, and one that is easy to wash and dry. When buying blinds, look for ones that have been lined horizontally so tat you can easily put your fingers between then and clean away the dust and pet hair that may have accumulated in them.

5. Your budget:
The amount of money you plan to spend on the curtains and blinds with determine what you get. If you are on a budget, you can check out different shops and compare prices within your range to see what would be the best deal for you. One of the key things of buying curtains and blinds even when you are on a budget, is durability. Always go for durable materials so that you do not have to keep shopping for new stuff every time due to wear and tear.

6. Hardware:
always consider the other accessories and hardware that the curtains and drapes come with. Look at their functionality. Do the curtains slide easily inside the curtain box to allow easy closing and opening? Are the blinds flexible enough so that you do not have to strain yourself opening them? remember that you will be spending a lot of time in your living room, and so they should function well to avoid frustration when it comes to opening and closing.

Ideally, buying curtains and blinds should not be such a difficult task once you have an idea of what you want, and where to get it. If you have challenges deciding on what would work best for you, then you can involve an interior designer to help you in making the right decision m

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

8 Ways To Make HDB Look Bigger

Housing and Development Board or HDB homes are getting smaller and smaller these days in Singapore. But space is a form of luxury to many people. You cannot do anything about the size of the house. You cannot increase the space or size of the house. But if you can effectively incorporate the colors, design, lights and other things in the right way, then you can make your space look bigger. There are some ways by which you can get a spacious looking home even if you house is not that big. You need to use the space of your house wisely and get maximize the free space.

Here are some of the ways by which you will be able to make your house look more spacious as well as this will make your house look gorgeous –

#1: Add Mirrors
Mirror is one of the most common yet the best solution to make your home look bigger than what it is actually. You can add a black or bronze tinted mirror in your drawing room, based on the style and color theme of your house. This will surely make the room look bigger and more spacious as well as it will add beauty, depth and elegance to the interior décor of your house. It will be great if you can add a large clear mirror in your bedroom or living room. If the view is great then make sure you strategically place the mirror in such a way that it is able to capture the view. This will bring the marvelous view into your house making it look more beautiful as well as it will double the space.

#2: Brighten Up The Room
Do you know that brighter color can actually make your space look bigger? Yes it does! On the other hand, dark color makes the room look smaller. Brighter colors create a more powerful visual impact and thus it helps in maximizing the area of your house. So, you should definitely consider brighter colors for your interior. This will make your HDB home look brighter and more spacious than it is actually. There are a lot of brighter shades of colors from where you can choose one. You can go for yellow, beige, off-white as well as blue with a few darker accents to make the house look great.

#3: Consider Brighter Lightings
Even if you are not using brighter colors for the walls and floors, then you can consider bright lights for your house. Bright LED down lights or cove lights can actually help to brighten up the space. This will create a visual impact that the house is quite spacious and bright too. The best part is these lights can brighten up the corners of the houses and thus your house will look much brighter as well as spacious. So consider bright lights along with brighter colors.

#4: Use The Grains
If you are flooring or using a wallpaper by different carpentry material that has a grain then it is better to use the. Suppose, if you are doing a feature wall then have the grain just parallel to the longer size of the wall. This will create an illusion of adding some length to the area whether it is a wall or floor. Even it will also distract the eyes from the shorter side. Thus, you will be able to make the longer side of your house more prominent. So, it is a great tips for you to enhance the beauty of your wall or floor as well as make the HDB home look bigger than original.

#5: Size of The Tiles and Motifs
Bigger patterns and motifs on the wall or floor create an illusion of big impression. Thus the bigger pattern will make it look like bigger is size. It will have more to your eyes and also it will make the area bigger and larger instantly. If you use bigger motifs or pattern on your wall to enhance the décor or beauty then it will make an impression that the area is larger than the normal size. Even same goes for the floor. It is always better to use larger pieces of tiles in your living room or bedroom as this will look grander and also make the house look more spacious. The small pieces of tiles and planks will not look good and even it will make your space appear smaller.

#6: Choosing The Right Furniture
It is very much important to consider which type of furniture you should use and how in order to make the space look larger. You have to use minimalist furniture and place them wide apart from one another. This will emphasize the space between the two and make it look larger and better. For Housing and Development Board homes it is always better to consider the furniture like cupboard and wardrobe that goes upward. This will result into more spacious functional space and even it will aesthetically look more pleasing and classy.

#7: Use Glass Doors
Using a wooden door as partition between balcony and living room can make your living room look clumsy and smaller. If you do not have much space for your living room, then you can consider using glass doors as a partition between your balcony and living space. The see through glass doors will give an impact of wider visualization of the room thus making it look more spacious. Even through glass doors natural light is allowed to enter into your living space which plays a great role in brightening up your space as well as make it look bigger than usual.

#8: Hidden Storage
It is a waste of space if you make furniture for storing things. The best thing that you can do to minimize the use of the space of your house is by creating hidden storage spaces. You can use the stairs for that. Even the space beneath the stair can be utilized to create a storage space. The HDB homes come with small spaces and thus using them wisely is very important. You can use folding shelves hidden on your wall too to increase the space.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nippon Paint Vs Dulux Paint

Painting is very vital in the house because it helps to enhance the elegance of the house as well as extend the durability of the surfaces. There are some types of paints in Singapore, which are preferred by most home owners. The two major types of paints that are available in Singapore are Nippon and Dulux. These are the two main paint types that are mostly used in homes in Singapore. There must always be the best one out of the two, but which is the most ideal? Which paint delivers the most and serves the residents better? According to the report of many Singaporeans, they prefer Nippon more compared to Dulux. Here is a look of the two, along with their differences;

This paint is also quite reliable and it is used by several Singaporeans. Nevertheless, the problem is that, there are a number of counterfeit Dulux products in the market. This has led people to buy fake Dulux paints and as a result, they have ended up having poor surfaces at home. These fake paints also have negative properties, which makes people to fear the Dulux brand. All in all, the original Dulux paint delivers great results. You would enjoy having the paint applied in your interior, which will also make your house look elegant. Despite the great qualities of this paint, it still has some limitations. Compared to the Nippon paint, the Dulux doesn’t have much variety.

Nippon is supposedly the best type of paint in Singapore. This is characterized by its properties and also, many people are appreciating the elegance of the paint in their homes. This is the reason why it is highly rated over the Dulux paint. Here are some of the advantages of Nippon over Dulux;

• More Color Options
Many people prefer having more colors to select from, especially if they want to paint their home interiors. The uniqueness of the color choice of a person’s home is what gives them a piece of mind. The Nippon paints will come in a variety of colors, which you can choose from, according to your preference. Most of the recommended color options for your home interior can be found with the Nippon paints. Some people opt to have different choices of paints on the walls in their houses. This can be suitable with the Nippon paints, since there is more to choose from. So, if you need the best paint to select different colors from, then Nippon is the way to go.

• Affordable
Painting tends to be a mandatory step to take in your house, which transforms your house and makes it more elegant. No one wants to spend too much on finding the best paint, especially if they are forced to paint their house interior. The Nippon paints are overly affordable and you can find elegant paints for your home in the cheapest way possible. Suppose you want a paint choice that will stay within your low budget, then you might want to consider the Nippon paints. You will be able to find high quality Nippon paints, which comes at friendly prices. These paints have equal or higher value compared to most of the paints on the market, but they cost much lower. This is why many people prefer the Nippon paints, due to their affordable prices and their high value.

• Durable
When painting, everyone wishes to have paint options that will last for the longest time possible. It would be such a waste to have paints that will not last for such a long time. Luckily enough the Nippon paints have been specifically made with unique ingredients. The special chemicals of the paint, make them to last extra long, compared to most of the paints on the market. With these paints, you will be able to paint your property and be sure of having a paint that will serve you for the longest time possible. You will not be needed to change the paint or reapply another layer to make your property look elegant. The paint is only applied once and it can serve you long enough, which helps you to save on time and money. This is the reason why it is the most preferred option over the Dulux paints.

• Protects Your Property
There are some types of paints that will only help to give the surface a new color and enhance the general outlook. However, some of them do not offer the best protection for these surfaces. The Nippon paints have special chemicals, which help to protect the surfaces of your house. They have thick layers that are strong enough to protect your surfaces from being destroyed by environmental factors. The layers are included with special chemicals that ensures the wall and floor are not interfered with the moisture and other matters in the air. This ensures that your wall is protected and that you have no worries of them getting damp.

• Safe To The Environment
Even though the Nippon paints have been made with special chemicals, they are safe enough to the environment. To begin with, they will not corrode with the surface of the wall or the floor, which is a good to keep your surface in a perfect condition for longer. They are also safe to humans, whereby, they will not contain harmful substances that would affect the respiratory system of the house dweller. In short, these paints contain zero-VOC, Volatile Organic Compound. That implies that it will be safe to use in the house and you will not have any toxic content in the air.

• Readily Available
The paints are also easy to get in all the major stores in Singapore. You can find it in most of the paint dealers. This is a great advantage, since they will not give you a headache of finding the best paint for your house interior.
In general, the Nippon paint is way better than the Dulux paints and even though the Dulux paints have some great qualities, the Nippon paints are the best options to choose. You will have a peace of mind with these paints and you will also enjoy their performance.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

What You Should Know About HDB Designs

How the interior part of an HDB flat is planned determines a lot when it comes to achieving an elegant and stylish finish. We all want to live in a house where both the inside and outside impresses. Competent professionals can help make this happen by using their conceptual knowledge and experience on matters that pertain to interior and exterior design together with the use of modern technology such as the three dimensional view. With good space management inside the house including decorative and stylish aspects, there is no doubt tat you can live in a house that is as close to the perfect designs which you have always wanted to live in. To ensure that they deliver the best, the Housing Development Board of Singapore has put in place minimum standards which buildings should meet before they are certified. This helps in making sure that the owners derive the most benefit from their available space without compromising on safety.

Working with a reputable HDB design company helps
When picking an HDB, condo or any other building design company, you should work pretty hard to choose the best service provider out there. In fact, if you choose the wrong company, there is more possibility that you will not get the best design for your flat. You have to seek the assistance of a company in Singapore that can help bring out the stylistic prowess in you and make it happen in your living spaces.

There are many rules to be followed when working on HDB designs and having someone who is not knowledgeable working beside you will offer no help but add misery. It’s of great importance that you work with an HDB design company that can help you achieve your goals easily and in the most effective manner. With hordes of choices for HDB designs, you know you can choose a design that serves your interests perfectly well. Great designs start from the point when you contract your first group of building services providers.

From architects, interior designers and many more, you have to work with real professionals who have an interior design portfolio to show you. They are able to assist you choose the most appropriate structures, designs, colors, textures for various parts of the house and how the vacant space should appear. They should be able to use their technical expertise to get you a gorgeous design within your budget. Those who have worked on several projects before will not have problems delivering you high quality HDB designs that have the ability to stand the test of time.

Choose a practical and functionally superior HDB design
The design that you choose should be practical and functional. It needs to match with the overall space because there are certain kinds of HDB designs that may end up wasting a lot of your precious space. You should know that how you work with your interior designers determines what kind of results you will achieve in the long run. There are many places where you can get some design concepts to assist you make the best decision with regard to the one that’s most appropriate for you, but the best and most notably the very first place should be the interior designer who you want to work with.

Experience and creativity matters
It takes time, experience and creativity to come up with a highly functional HDB design. You will never want to risk anything because the effects can be disastrous and also long term. You will appreciate that the experts you are working with are willing to go an extra mile to help you come up with excellent designs for your home. Other than just offering you generalized interior design works, HDB designers may make some changes to an existing plan and the end product will be amazing. For instance, they can change the positioning of your living rooms, the colors of the rooms and include big windows which will help you enjoy much of natural light therefore saving you of power bills in the long run. They can also bring in a great looking aquarium and paint the walls with colors that help in bringing nature closer to you.

Deal with Emerging issues
The HDB design company that you work with should always be available to answer your questions and take your suggestions into account. They should be aware of regulations that govern building works in Singapore and should also be able to go beyond the calls of duty to deliver more than what their customers require. As an interior design and decoration project is going on, some new ideas may crop up and as a result it will be fantastic if you can have an expert besides you who is willing to incorporate emerging concepts and ideas so as to offer excellent results.

Also, if there are challenges, the firm should be able to communicate well with you through a communication method which you had earlier agreed on and keep you informed about what they are doing to solve those challenges which have emanated from the HDB interior design project. Nonetheless, when working on the interior design of your HDB, the company should consider your timelines. You don’t have to contract a professional who will take a very long time to complete the interior design project. You should agree on a time frame and you should receive regular feedback on how much progress has been made. If you can do this with your contractor, there is no doubt that you can achieve the best HDB design that can serve you and your loved ones for many years that are yet to come.

Follow the right procedure
The process followed when doing HDB designs is the same no matter the size of the project. From visiting the location to creating an estimate, there is no difference in the procedures that are followed. This means that you should consider working with a company that exercises diligence and which takes seriously the final result of its work. High level of diligence and excellence in service delivery will go a long way in making sure that you achieve the best, practical and effective HDB designs.  

Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 Best Type Of Blinds To Choose For HDB

When you think about installing of roller blinds in your hdb home in Singapore then you can get a number of options for that. Well installing of the roller blinds is not a difficult subject at all, but when it comes about the selection of roller blinds, then many people find it hard to choose the right one and they end up choosing wrong roller blinds for their HDB home. I am positive that you don’t want to make this mistake and you want to choose only the best blind for your HDB home, and I can help you in that. Here, I am going to talk about the 3 Best Type Of Blinds To Choose For HDB along with benefits of those blinds and then you can chose one according to your choice.

Wooden blinds:

Wooden blinds are the bet type of roller blinds that you can choose for your HDB home in any situation. Although this particular type of blind is costlier than other type of roller blinds but it gives so many great benefits to you that you can easily ignore the price factor. Talking about the benefits of wooden blinds it gives you a natural look in your home that makes it more comfortable and soothing for you in your home.

Another good thing about wooden roller blinds is that it can blend will in all type of HDB home regardless of your home and its type. That means if it s a modern HDB home it can do well in that surrounding and if you have old style home, then it lend well in that situation as well. Also, it is easy to maintain and you can do the management of your roller blinds in easy manner.

Other than this, you can also get it in different shape and size according to your specific needs. Also, it gives you complete privacy in your HDB home and if you want protection from sunlight, or heat it can give you well protection from those elements of nature as well. So, it is safe to say that wooden roller blinds can be the best solution for any HDB home and if I get only one option to suggest you, then I would suggest you to choose wooden blinds for that.

Plastic blinds:
 If you are not willing to invest a lot of money in roller blinds for your HDB home, then I would suggest you to get plastic blinds for that. This might not offer you as many benefits as you get with wooden blinds, but this type of roller blinds are the most popular blinds among most of the HDB owners.

If I talk about the benefits of roller blinds then highly cost effective price is the biggest benefit that comes in my mind. You can get this type of roller blinds for your HDB home at very cheap price and you can get good services also with it. In most of the cases you can get this type of roller blinds in a very low cost and you can change it as well every now and then.

One more quality of plastic roller blinds is that it can withstand the heat and water both. That means if you are planning to install your roller blinds on some window that remain vulnerable to water and rain, then you can use plastic blinds for that. These plastic blinds will not only prevent the sunlight but in case of rain, it can help you in that situation as well. That means you will not need to worry about replacement of your roller blinds if that get wet because of any issue.

In addition to this, you can better privacy and more comfort as well with it that makes it a good choice for the HDB home. Also, you don’t have any reasons to worry about the installation part as well because you can easily install it by yourself with the help of some tips and trick easily available on the internet.

Cotton blinds:
This is the third most popular type of roller blinds that you can use for your HDB home. Just like other type of type blinds this is also very much popular in HDB home owners and you can get good result with that. Just like other type of roller blinds it can also give great benefits to you if you have it in your HDB home.

The biggest benefit of cotton roller blind is that it can prevent the sunlight outside of your home, but if you open the window then it will let the air come inside your home. That mean it can give you a nice and comfortable feeling in your house without adding any extra complication in it. Also, it is extremely east to wash or clean the cotton roller blind. That means if you will install it in your HDB home, then won’t have any reason to worry about the cleanliness with it.

As far as design and look of cotton based roller blinds are concerned you can get a number of designs, shapes and pattern in this type of roller blinds and you can choose one according to your choice. That means you can get a roller blind that can suit well in your HDB home. Other than this, you can get a lot of designs and patterns also in cotton based rollers blinds and you can decorate also your HDB home along with privacy and protection from sunlight.

In addition to these 3 Best Type Of Blinds many other type of roller blinds are also there in the market and you can look for those options as well before finalizing it. However, if you want to have the best one for your HDB home, then I would strongly recommend you to evaluate only these three options and then you choose one that suit best for your home. And when you will choose one accordingly then you will surely get the best and most amazing result with your roller blinds in the best possible manner. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Day Curtain For Home

Installing day Curtain on the windows adds a touch of seclusion and privacy to your home. For quite a long time, curtains have been used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Currently day curtain from a wide variety of materials are available in the market. While most of these curtains are made from fabric, some are made of wood and some are even made of metals. A number of inexpensive curtains include chords that help to control the movement. However, some are more sophisticated as they include mechanizations that can be controlled remotely. When it comes to Installing Day Curtain for Home, there are many options. You can install a curtain above or with the curtains and casement. Right installation process for Day Curtains determines their efficiency and functionality.


In case you are intending to equip your home with curtains, you need to focus on installation. Although day curtain installation process is easy, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid. Here we discuss some 7 common mistakes that you need to avoid while installing day curtain for your home.

1. Obtaining accurate measurement of the inside mount:
most people rush to install day curtain before measuring the inside mount while others obtain inaccurate measurement since they don’t take this first step serious. Before you begin installation, you need to take precise measurement between the inside jambs of your window frame while considering three important aspects, which include top, bottom, and sides. Identify the smallest measurements and note it clearly on the notebook. You should ensure that you obtain accurate measurement of the height of the window frame from the sides and the middle. It is important that you note down the largest measurements as it determine the length of the curtain required. Also, ensure that you obtain accurate width measurement of your window frame.

2. Obtain outside measurement of the outside mount:
This is another mistake that most people make while installing curtains. Most people do not know the important of obtaining the accurate measurement of the outside mount and they end up assuming this important step. It has also been made clear that most people who obtain this measurement before installing the curtain do it for the sake and fails to obtain accurate measurement. Measuring the width, breadth, and height of your window from all sides is vital in obtaining the right width of you day curtain. You should also note that some windows are not trimmed and trimming it will result in additional inches. Therefore, it is important that you add a few inches on both sides if the door has not been trimmed to allow future adjustments. A good design should also add some few inches at the top to fix the hardware and some few inches at the bottom for blocking light.

3. Pay enough attention to mounting brackets:
mounting brackets are important part of the installation process as it requires that you give enough attention if you need attain the best results. Before installing the brackets, it is important that you first hold one of the brackets on the particular area where it will be installed, and mark the points the screws will be installed. Choose high quality drill of the right size to make holes on that point. Low quality drills produce irregular holes that will not fit the screws tightly while large or small power drills can produce larger or smalls that cannot hold screws tightly. Once you drill holes of the rights size, fixe the brackets in this position and use the same procedure to install other brackets.

4. Fix the head rails properly:
head rails should be fixed on well installed brackets carefully to avoid future problems. Head rails hold the window curtains and should be hanged carefully on the mounting bracket, and then the rails are locked and fixed properly.

5. Put the valence in the right place and line them up with rails:
most people do not take into consideration the position of the valence. The valence should be brought on the right place and properly lined up ends with rails. Once you are done, cut excess length of the valence with a sharp scissor or knife then install the valence on the head rail.

6. Properly hold down the clips:
holding down the clips is very important in not only installing day curtain but also in all other installation process. Position the clip properly with the side jab of the window frame at a specific height. Using a pencil, mark the position of the screws. Use the power drill to drill right size of the hole and fix the clips to your side jamb. Do the same with the other clips in the other opposite side. Similarly, wider day curtain have centered brackets and can only be attached at the primary frame of your window. It is always advisable to pull the day curtain string out of the children reach to avoid accidents.

7. Hire professionals if you do not have enough experience:
lastly, most people overlook the importance of professionals for installing the day curtain. Professionals have many years of experience in curtains installation. They know the best ways of installing a curtain in the window to achieve the intended purpose. A professional analyses the entire situation before beginning installation and choose the right materials and method for installation.

Installation of day curtain should achieve your intended purposes such as privacy and aesthetic appeal. Attaining these objectives can be hard for some inexperience individuals. Spending many time installing day curtains on your own, may lead to waste of important resources and time. Therefore, it does not worth time and money to install day curtain on your own if you are new in this process. Hire professionals who understand the whole installation process if you need to succeed. You can also get installation services from the companies selling day curtain as most of them give after sells services. You can also get assistance from online companies that are offering installation services at affordable prices. only ensure that you hire a reputed company that has many years of experience in buying and installing curtains in home.