Thursday, 26 March 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Day Curtain For Home

Installing day Curtain on the windows adds a touch of seclusion and privacy to your home. For quite a long time, curtains have been used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Currently day curtain from a wide variety of materials are available in the market. While most of these curtains are made from fabric, some are made of wood and some are even made of metals. A number of inexpensive curtains include chords that help to control the movement. However, some are more sophisticated as they include mechanizations that can be controlled remotely. When it comes to Installing Day Curtain for Home, there are many options. You can install a curtain above or with the curtains and casement. Right installation process for Day Curtains determines their efficiency and functionality.


In case you are intending to equip your home with curtains, you need to focus on installation. Although day curtain installation process is easy, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid. Here we discuss some 7 common mistakes that you need to avoid while installing day curtain for your home.

1. Obtaining accurate measurement of the inside mount:
most people rush to install day curtain before measuring the inside mount while others obtain inaccurate measurement since they don’t take this first step serious. Before you begin installation, you need to take precise measurement between the inside jambs of your window frame while considering three important aspects, which include top, bottom, and sides. Identify the smallest measurements and note it clearly on the notebook. You should ensure that you obtain accurate measurement of the height of the window frame from the sides and the middle. It is important that you note down the largest measurements as it determine the length of the curtain required. Also, ensure that you obtain accurate width measurement of your window frame.

2. Obtain outside measurement of the outside mount:
This is another mistake that most people make while installing curtains. Most people do not know the important of obtaining the accurate measurement of the outside mount and they end up assuming this important step. It has also been made clear that most people who obtain this measurement before installing the curtain do it for the sake and fails to obtain accurate measurement. Measuring the width, breadth, and height of your window from all sides is vital in obtaining the right width of you day curtain. You should also note that some windows are not trimmed and trimming it will result in additional inches. Therefore, it is important that you add a few inches on both sides if the door has not been trimmed to allow future adjustments. A good design should also add some few inches at the top to fix the hardware and some few inches at the bottom for blocking light.

3. Pay enough attention to mounting brackets:
mounting brackets are important part of the installation process as it requires that you give enough attention if you need attain the best results. Before installing the brackets, it is important that you first hold one of the brackets on the particular area where it will be installed, and mark the points the screws will be installed. Choose high quality drill of the right size to make holes on that point. Low quality drills produce irregular holes that will not fit the screws tightly while large or small power drills can produce larger or smalls that cannot hold screws tightly. Once you drill holes of the rights size, fixe the brackets in this position and use the same procedure to install other brackets.

4. Fix the head rails properly:
head rails should be fixed on well installed brackets carefully to avoid future problems. Head rails hold the window curtains and should be hanged carefully on the mounting bracket, and then the rails are locked and fixed properly.

5. Put the valence in the right place and line them up with rails:
most people do not take into consideration the position of the valence. The valence should be brought on the right place and properly lined up ends with rails. Once you are done, cut excess length of the valence with a sharp scissor or knife then install the valence on the head rail.

6. Properly hold down the clips:
holding down the clips is very important in not only installing day curtain but also in all other installation process. Position the clip properly with the side jab of the window frame at a specific height. Using a pencil, mark the position of the screws. Use the power drill to drill right size of the hole and fix the clips to your side jamb. Do the same with the other clips in the other opposite side. Similarly, wider day curtain have centered brackets and can only be attached at the primary frame of your window. It is always advisable to pull the day curtain string out of the children reach to avoid accidents.

7. Hire professionals if you do not have enough experience:
lastly, most people overlook the importance of professionals for installing the day curtain. Professionals have many years of experience in curtains installation. They know the best ways of installing a curtain in the window to achieve the intended purpose. A professional analyses the entire situation before beginning installation and choose the right materials and method for installation.

Installation of day curtain should achieve your intended purposes such as privacy and aesthetic appeal. Attaining these objectives can be hard for some inexperience individuals. Spending many time installing day curtains on your own, may lead to waste of important resources and time. Therefore, it does not worth time and money to install day curtain on your own if you are new in this process. Hire professionals who understand the whole installation process if you need to succeed. You can also get installation services from the companies selling day curtain as most of them give after sells services. You can also get assistance from online companies that are offering installation services at affordable prices. only ensure that you hire a reputed company that has many years of experience in buying and installing curtains in home. 

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