Thursday, 26 November 2015

7 Tips On Renovation For HDB Resale Flat

Today, HDB flats are very famous especially with most people who are living in Singapore due to their widely varied advantages. The aspect of elegance and beauty in HDB flats depends on their own appearance which depends a lot on the painting and some other d├ęcor. Therefore, painting your own HDB flat is the best way of improving its appearance. Also, painting will make it appealing to both you and your visitor. The following are 7 HDB painting tips as far as renovation, HDB resale flat is concern. 

1. Hire a professional.
Though it seems easy to paint your HDB flat yourself, it is significant to consider the fact that painting requires some skills. Also, painting makes use of some current equipment which may be hard for you to find. Hence, for an excellent outcome, it is better to leave this job to the experts. In case you want to know the quality of services and even prices charged by different painters, you can just visit different painters in Singapore to contrast and compare prices charged and quality of their services.

2. Make a detailed budget.
Painting HDB flat will cost you definitely. However, the cost will depend on some factors such as the type of the paint you used, and the value of the services provided as charged by your painter. The size of HDB flat is another factor. This is because size will determine the amount of paint that will be used. Therefore, after getting the best painter, it is always significant to make consultations so that you know the amount of money that you will set aside for the work. This will enable you to manage your own funds in a better way. It will also enable you to make nice decisions as far as the process is concern.

3. Make a detailed timetable.
Despite the fact that painting improves the appearance of your flat, it comes with some harmful effects. Some paint molecules are actually unappealing to your nose. Also, they may be dangerous top your respiratory system. In addition, during the process, there will be regular relocation of furniture and some other assets in the rooms. Hence, you need to schedule the whole process well in order to avoid inconveniencing both yourself and even your painters.

4. Uphold your family`s safety.
Though most of the brands of paints produce paint which may have harmful effects to inhabitants especially when inhaled, certain brands make quality paints which do not produce toxic gases. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the paint that you will use is safe.

5. Incorporate personality in the painting.
Your own HDB flat should actually reflect your tastes and personality. This will make it cozy and homely for you and even your family. Therefore, before you start the work, you should ensure that you have ample supply of your desirable paint. For sure, the paint that you use should be of your preferred color. This will make it appealing. Furthermore, the paint should conform to the color of distinct assets, furniture and general decoration in the room. By doing so, you will boost the appearance of the whole room and complement the decoration perfectly.

6. Ensure that paint is of good quality. 
Though hiring accomplished and competent painter is the best way of making the results of the painting successful, poor quality paint will affect this significantly. Cheap and counterfeit paint does not last as long as the top quality paints. It will also react poorly with some common agents such as cold and heat to crack as time goes by. This will give your flat a pathetic and outdated appearance. It will also fade away with time. Hence, it will lose its shine and finally peel off. Therefore, to guarantee a long lasting and appealing appearance for your own HDB flat, you should use top quality paint brands.

7. Refresh the painting regularly.
Despite the fact that paint work will leave your housing looking smart, it is significant to note that the paint needs to be refreshed always. This will help maintain the nice appearance. Also, it will strengthen the other layers making them durable. Hence, it will serve you for long.

In conclusion, these are the 7 tips on renovation (painting tips) as far as renovation, HDB resale flat is concern. For an attractive and appealing flat, you should ensure that the painting work is done nicely by making use of the above painting ideas and tips.