Sunday, 14 February 2016

Wooden Blinds VS Roman Blinds

When looking for a window treatment option, there are many options to choose from. Wooden blinds and roman blinds/shades are just some of the options. The option you decide to choose depends on various factors but you first need to get a clear understanding of blinds vs. shades.

Wooden blinds are generally known for being hard window coverings. Just like the name suggests, wooden blinds are made from wood and they come in various designs. There are wooden blinds made of pure wood, woven wood, faux wood and even bamboo. The design solely depends on personal taste and preference. Wooden blinds come in the form of louvers or slates that cover the full length of the window. They are controlled by a manual cord that is used to fully close or open the window to allow light inside. Once closed, they offer no light inside.

Roman blinds or shades are made using fabrics and unlike wooden blinds they have no louvers or slates. They come as a complete piece of fabric that is horizontally rolled to allow light inside the room. They have a cord that is used to roll the piece of the fabric up and down during different times of the day. Unlike with wooden blinds where you can filter the amount of light entering the room, with roman blinds you either roll the blind up or down but you can’t filter the light. Roman blinds come in various designs and you can choose from a wide variety such as roller shades and cellular shades. The best thing with shades is you can choose them according to the type of fabric and this means you can selects shades that will complement the décor and architecture of the rest of the rooms.

Wooden blinds or roman blinds?

Privacy of the room
The privacy of the room will determine whether you will use wooden blinds or roman blinds. If you require privacy in particular rooms, then blinds might be quite preferable because they cover the room completely from outside. Blinds maybe appropriate for private rooms like bathrooms and also bedrooms. Less private rooms on the other hand may require the use of roman blinds because they are not so effective when it comes to privacy. Rooms like the living rooms can be so appropriate for blinds because they do not require any privacy.

Need for light control
The need for light control will determine the whether to use wooden blinds or roman blinds. With wooden blinds you can control the amount of light entering the room while with roman lights it might be difficult to control the amount of light. There are rooms in the home that require control of light like the rooms where you use your computer. In rooms like this you can use wooden blinds because you can filter the amount of light entering the room. Rooms that don’t need light control may use roman blinds because it is impossible to control lighting with roman blinds.

Natural lighting
When deciding on whether on whether to use wooden blinds or roman blinds, it is important to consider the natural lighting of the room. The ability of the room to allow natural lighting will determine whether you need wooden blind or roman blinds. For rooms that receive natural lighting, you can take this to your advantage and use roman blinds to allow more light on the rooms and save on the lighting bills. Rooms that do not receive natural lighting may need wooden blinds because they have the ability to filter light entering the room.

Climate of the area
Climate of the area where you live is likely to determine whether to use wooden blinds or roman blinds. There are certain climates where you need to keep extra warm and there are areas where you may require extra fresh air to enter the room. If you stay in a cold air, wooden blinds might be quite appropriate because they have the ability to seal cold air outside. If you live in a warmer area, you may need fresh air to enter the room at all times. In this case you might require roman blinds to allow fresh air inside.

Architectural design
There are specific architectural designs that specifically go with a chosen set of blinds. The bay window, is one of those few architectural design. For the architectural design to come out as intended you must use wooden blind only and not any other type of blinds. For such distinct architectural designs you can never use any other type of blinds apart from the recommended one. In architectural designs that have no specific recommendation on the type of blinds to use, you can be free to use any type of blinds that you require for your window.

Décor of the home
The décor of the home can be a good factor when making a choice on the type of blinds that you need in the home. Sometimes the theme of the room determines the type of blinds you use and you may find that sometimes wooden blinds fit into your theme or sometimes roman blinds may fit well into your theme. If you home has wooden floor tiles, using wooden blinds might not be a good idea. This is because it makes the room look very strong and tense. If you have floor tiles, it is always available to use light fabric for your windows. In this case you might consider using roman shades for your windows to bring a soft and relaxed feeling.

Ease of cleaning
Ease of cleaning might also be consideration when deciding on the type of blinds to use for your home. Wooden blinds are very easy to clean. Keeping in mind wooden blinds are made from wood, cleaning is very easy because they only need to be wiped to remove dust. They can be cleaned at any time while doing the regular home cleaning routine. Roman blinds on the other side are difficult to clean because they are made of fabric. This means that to clean roman shades, you have to dry clean them or do laundry to clean.