Saturday, 13 August 2016

Home Design Tips

 Most people want a stylish home but they have no idea how to build one or make the existing on look stylish. An interior designer can help but this is a project they you can do yourself as well to reduce the cost. The following 10 secrets will help make your home more stylish.

· Add greenery in each room
Plants in a room make it feel livelier. You can choose simple live flowers or green foliage but whichever you choose will add a striking effect to the room. You can go for a slender flax in a vase or a single palm leaf, both have an elegant yet simple appeal. In the kitchen, consider having a herb garden especially in the windowsill to add life and a striking effect. Plus they also smell great.

· Hang curtains wide and high
No matter where you live, you certainly need curtains, it can be for privacy, light blocking or just to add beauty and style. Curtains are definitely a necessity to any house. Depending on how you hang them, they can be used as décor and add style to a room.

Instead of hanging the curtains tight on the rod, hand them loosely, high and ensure that they touch the floor. The curtains should be long enough such that they touch the floor after they are hung. Also, ensure that the curtain rod is large enough so that the curtain spreads about six inches from the window frame.

· Fake an architectural detail
This can be done in different ways, you can simply paint vertical or horizontal lines. Besides adding beauty, they also help to make the room bigger. You can also make square or rectangular shapes like you are creating a box on the wall or any other of your favorite picture.

With such molding, you create the illusion of an added dimension and depth on the walls.

· Focus on the floors
Just like the walls can add a stylish effect to a room, the floors can too. If you cannot change the entire space, you can just stain the wood floors or replace the carpet or old linoleum with tiles. To add quick style to the floor, you can simply add an area rug. There are many options which makes it easy to find the right style, color and shape in your space. By making the floors in your home stand out, they walls will automatically look better as well.

· Highlight the best assets in the home
Before purchasing anything for your house, decide which are the best assets and the best way to highlight them. If your floor is beautifully colored on one side, get a smaller rug or carpet instead of one that covers the entire floor.

If the house has an ocean view ensure that the windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling and the bed is located just next to the window so that you can enjoy the ocean view and the stars in the night. Making such choices is important in making a home look stylish and they also help you to make the most off all the unique features around the home.

· Make thoughtful lighting choices
Bulbs not only light up space, when deployed carefully, lights can transform an area by adding style to it. Most times when we move in to a new place, the lighting fixtures are the last think that we think of changing. However, it is time home owners paid less attention to the color of the walls or the furniture time and focused more on the lighting. The lighting of a home are an underestimated and hidden tool but it can make a plain white tile in the bathroom appear more expensive and magical.
Consider installing new chandelier or replacing the bulbs with the sconces once you move in to add style to the house. If you have a traditional and industrial furniture, then a chandelier will look out of place and not stylish at all.

A good lighting is all about creating different layers with different effect, add some lamps and pendants, spotlight the fireplace, painting, coffee table or the window to make the space look stylish and redecorated. A will lighted space makes space appear larger and draws the eye. If you light up the roof terrace or garden area, besides adding style, you will be creating another room in the home.

· Have an original art in the home
There are so many amazing pieces of art in the market today and even reproductions that have been approved though nothing can beat an original piece of art. Whether you choose a framed picture or scribble on a napkin, any art work will make a home feel memorable and personal, it also gives the guests a sense of what you love.

Also, consider having a unique or rape piece in each room to be the Centre of attraction when someone gets into that room. This is essential in showing off your personality and making each room stand out. Whether you go for a handmade textile or the 19th century furniture, the item will make any space look and feel stylish.

· Pick pretty pieces for the house
The days when high tech gadgets were oversized are gone, today, it is possible to pick attractive, sleek pieces that do not attract attention. Example, instead of having the extremely large speakers, you can pick the small ones which are barely noticeable, can be hidden in the bookshelf and they are also available in different colors like silver, white or the normal black. This can complement any home design.

· Have an element of surprise
No matter your style, each room should have a wow moment that can be achieved by painting the trim in an attractive color, handing a unique or bold artwork, using a creative alternative instead of a standard headboard or simply arranging the furniture in a unique way.

The options of creating an element of surprise in a room are endless.