Friday, 21 July 2017

10 Most Effective Home Design Tips That Don't Cost a Bomb

We all love to customise and decorate our homes. Our homes and residences are the places where we can finally feel at peace and relax. It provides us with a calming and happy and aura that entices us to live better. Therefore it is very important that you take good care in decorating your home and making it look simply awesome and aesthetic. There are a lot of ways in which we can customise our houses and residences. Well decorated homes stand out from the crowd of others. It helps you to think positive and focus better on your work. It also helps to maintain an aesthetic image of your house and can be very appealing to live in.

If you just moved into a new home, there are various ways in which you can set up the layout of your house. Or if you are simple looking to remodel or reshape the way your house is decorated then there some very pretty interesting things that you can experiment with to make your house look better. There are present lots of tips and suggestions on how to set up the layout and design of your house. This will enhance the overall look of your house and also make it stand out from the crowd of other houses. In this article we shall discuss the top tips that are the most effective when it comes to designing or remodelling your house. These tips don’t cost a dime and you can easily acquire some of the materials and other stuff from your nearest hardware store. Read on to find out more on how you can work on the aesthetic appearance of your residence with these home design tips.

1. Painting rooms according to their size
The color of a room is associated with the overall space we feel in a room. Colors play a very important effect in enhancing or shrinking the space we feel present in a room. They give off an optical illusion about the size in a room. Softer lighter shades make a room feel smaller. Darker colors help to enhance the space of a room and make it appear larger. The space in a room thus depends on the color you choose to use. If you have small sized room then you could paint it in lighter shades like peach, yellow, purple, violet, etc. If you have a room which feels un aesthetic then you could paint it in some darker shades.

2. Make use of decorative mirrors to add light
Mirrors help to reflect light from their surface. Hence they can instantly brighten up dark places. You can use decorative mirrors in your room to add light and brighten it up. They help to add definition and style to your room. They also help to make your room feel larger as they reflect the images of things present in front of them. You can fill areas of your room also with some beautifully designed decorated mirrors.

3. Mixing up never goes wrong
You can also experiment with the style and design of your house by mixing up different colors and patterns. You can experiment with beautifully patterned bedcovers and pillows. You can change the sofa covers with some abstract designed ones and then add overlays of solids. You can also mix up old items with new ones to give off a neo urban look. You can also buy cheap decorative stuffs and pair it alongside expensive ones.

4. Wall hangings should be at the right height
Wall hangings add that instant touch of style to your walls. But not when they are placed sloppily or at crooked positions. You should take care to place all your wall hangings at the right height. This helps to bring out the design of the hanging and also add style to your wall.

5. Wicker baskets are an instant style fix
Wicker baskets look very stylish and modern. You can buy sets of wicker baskets of different sizes and place it in different parts of your house. You can place it on counter tops, tables and even the bathroom for keeping toiletries.

6. Try decorating with DIY stuff
Instead of just rushing to the store to buy stuff, you can make use of existing items that you have. You can use clothe hangers to hang your napkins in the kitchen. You can place trays on top of carts, luggage racks, etc. This gives more dimension and texture. You can also create interesting wall art form plates that you already have.

7. Hanging pot holders
Hanging pot holders can be easily made with a bit of a wire and some nails. You can place your very own hanging pot holder in different places of your house to give off a more natural look and feel to it. This helps to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. You can put these pot holders especially on kitchen tops or the dining table. You can also hang them from the balcony.

8. Go green!
Plants are a wonderful way to design your room. Plants can be one of the most aesthetic items that you can keep in your room. They help to freshen the air in your room as well as provide you with limitless beauty and life. They help to accessorise your room and also add texture and color.

9. DIY Bookcases
Your bookshelf or cases can be painted with vibrant colors to instantly brighten up the appearance of your room. Your room will feel reenergised and get an instant pop of bright colors. Colored bookcases hep to contrast with your other items in the room and stanr=d out bold and beautiful. You can experiment with a lot of colors such as blue, red or green. You can also design the sides and top with some art.

10. Using rugs for comfort and style
You can use rugs on floors made of hardwood or even marble. You can also use rugs and mattresses to give off a feeling of warmth and softness. If you have a pet in your house, this will be a great idea as pets love nothing better than a soft chewy rug. You can get some pretty cheap ones online with cool designs.